Monday, July 13, 2009

BOINC Grid Computing

Recently I came across the BOINC grid computing software. This software uses your computer's resources(otherwise being wasted for 95% of the time) for various worldwide science projects ranging from finding ET (:P) to curing cancer. Do give it a try.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time travel 101

I found this excellent comic parodying the concept of time travel.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First blog jitters

So here i am, sitting on my computer staring blankly on the screen just moments after establishing my first blog. It is a hot and humid night. The moon is casting its feeble light on the dry, parched and quite lands darkened by the power cut. The gripping silence is broken by an occasional vehicle racing by, a sharp bark by the neighbour's dog or by the rare whistle of the chowkidaar. And already i have got the strange feeling of what people say is "writer's block". Random thoughts racing through my mind, just too fast to catch on to, too quick to be moulded together into a coherent string of words. Is it just me or is the mood of this intro just starting to become too grim.

Anyways welcome to my blog. Here you will find a plethora of information about life, the universe and everything else that concerns or interests me. As these snippets of reality are extremely rare in my case you will mostly find random rants on nonsensical topics which only I care about. If these scraps of incoherence ever reach your eyes, consider yourselves lucky, that you came across a masterpiece, that you have just experienced the culmination of a lifelong pursuit for perfection. The perfection of such an ingenious mind of infinite proportions, that the universe is but a small subset of its vast dimensions.

Follow me as I embark on the Quest. The quest that will take us through the strange netherworlds of reality, where the beasts of reason battle for the control of your soul. And as I conquer these nefarious creatures, lets wait for a moment and ponder, why are we here, where do our paths lead, what is our destiny, how are we going to surpass the evil, who will help us, when is this going to end?

Goodbye and Goodnight my fellow warriors, may the sands of time never erode our sacred fellowship that will survive for eternity.

May the Force be with you.